Change your brain waves.
Surf on the highest waves of consciousness.


The 108 Foundation conducts personalized neurofeedback trainings ‘Holographic Mind®’ which lead to intense transformations of the brain’s neurochemistry and alter the ways of its functioning.


Neurofeedback is a body-mind therapy which uses electric signals in orderto help attain awareness and control of psycho-physiological processes.


Neurofeedback can be referred to as meditation enhanced by a computer.It is the process of learning how to manage brain waves using the feedback from the EEG.


The week-long neeurofeedback training using the QEEG (quality neurofeedback) is currently the most effective tool for training the brain so that it can be flexible, productive and resistant. It has been scientifically proven numerous times that training the brain results in a significant decrease or disappearance of burdensome symptoms.


Under typical circumstances of life the brain itself is a tool which provides neurofeedback regarding the functioning of different organs and systems within the body. Thanks to the nanosecond feedback,the brain finally starts learning about itself, detecting its own problem areas, ceasing inefficient neuronal connections and adapting to new ways of cognition, sensing and acting. In ordinary life one does not receive any feedback even once per day. During the training one receives it several times per second.


As an effect of the new, intense celebral activity, linear thinking and perceiving may be replaced by holographic thinking and perceiving. That signifies that the brain no longer needs to laboriously link words, thoughtsand motives but instead it somehow serves on a platter complex, multi-faceted and coherent information that can be then transformed into sentences of linear language. However, this is not necessary to pass to another hologram. Potentially, in the advanced QEEG training it is even possible to transfer hologrames between two brains.


12% higher IQ

17% higher emotionak intelligence (EQ)

60% better quality of sleep

20% higher self-appraisal

40% sync of mind and heart

30% better health

Biznes coaching

Get to know your blockages concerning money and abundance.
Change your convictions and step onto a new level of wealth!

Biznes coaching

The sessions of business coaching reach deep roots of your relationship with money, job and energy. Having found any possible blockages we replace the old habits with new ones together. Subsequently, we implant these new habits into the subconscious in favour of your goals.


1. You will find out your unconscious convictions regarding money and job.

2. You will comprehend how to manage energy.

3. You will get to know the secrets of attracting abundance.

4. You will delete the destructive programmes

5. You will discover the shortest way to make your plans come true

Systemic constellations

The method which quickly and very efficiently helps free from the burden of the past and leads to the acceptance of living fully for yourself.


We unconsciously feel the ‘breathing of our ancestors’ on our back, repeating their fates, sensing their emotions, believing in their convictions. On account of the unconscious loyalty, we even take their diseases upon ourselves.


1. Family systems

2. Relationships

3. Diseases

4. Subpersonalities

5. Business plans

6. Political events

Bert Hellinger

‘Bert Hellinger (16/12/1925 - 19.09.2019) - psychotherapist and philosopher, teacher of Izabela Kopaniszyn PhD. Inspired by the Zulu culture, he started practicing the family constellations as a therapeutic method, using the knowledge familiar to numerous cultures (so called indigenous) for millenia and used by shamans. Bert Hellinger developed the method of work with the field, passing down knowledge of specified schemes and rules governing family systems to his disciples and showed them how to heal those systems. Around 30 books by Bert Hellinger were published in many languages of the world.’

The Restarting®

The method of the Restarting® is like a parachute jump.Brace yourself!


The Restarting® allows numerous positive and permanent changes in the range of self- perception and perception of the reality. The feeling one gets after a session of Restarting® resembles the Matrix’s lead character, Neo’s moment of awakening after he takes the red pill.

The Restarting® is intensely focused attention at your true self that allowsdistancing from ‘problems’ and the one who creates them. It is a strong foundation for a thorough investigation of who you truly are versus who you thought you were.

When attending the Restarting®, it does not matter whether you suffer from neurosis, depression, personality disorders, traumas or eating disorders. You can also be just fed up with your life or the lack of efficiency in your personal development. You will have a chance to acquirenew tools allowing you to develop further.

See which programmes and concepts limit your development and replace them with the ones that will provide you more joy, freedom and choice.

Sessions of The Restarting® take place both online and in person.

The effects you can expect after a session of the Restarting®:

1. You will get rid of guilt

2. You will heal your traumas

3. You will discover patterns of relationships in your life

4. You will regain self-esteem

5. You will feel that you deserve

6. You will learn how to tackle stress

Combo intensive

Exceptional personal development themed holidays in Portugal.Nothing will be the same afterwards!

Combo intensive

The holidays by the Atlantic shores are based on an authorial programme by Dr Izabela Kopaniszyn and are designed to facilitate a profound transformation in the tendencies to self-sabotage, low self-esteem and dependency on others. The programme of the Combo Intensive includes thoroughly-selected and correctly sequenced methods of work which lead to a rapid change in limiting convictions. After this process you will feel lighter, liberated, aware of your potential and you will be able to act without fear of failure.

Main attractions of the Combo Intensive:

1. Restarting®

2. Systemic constellation

3. Excursions to sites of power

4. Individual tasks

5. Strolls along the beach

6. Lectures

7. Group work

8. Ayahuasca ceremony

9. Further tips for life

10. Yoga and body work

Each edition of the Combo Intensive is unforgettable and friendships made during the first edition are still going strong.

Workshops for women

Women do not always realize how much they overlook themselves by paying attention to interactions... Discover that you already are a miracle

Warsztaty dla kobiet

During the workshop:

We will identify your patterns and convictions regarding relationships, other women, love and sex, community and family.You will learn which type of Goddess lives within you, how to take good care of your Inner Child, a girl who still lives inside you.You will find out that there’s absolutely nothing you need to do to be loved.

You will also learn that:

Your partner is not and will never be your ‘ideal mother’.
You are already perfect for the person you are meant to be with.
You don’t need to choose between love and personal development.

1. Whether a particular predisposition will be your strength or your weakness depends on how consciously we are able to use it and if you are able to care about the relationship with your own self in the first place. Isn’t it egocentric? - you may ask. Not at all, it is mature.

2. Find a partner who shares your values and the vision of life. Somebody whose presence allows you to feel like yourself.

3.Undoubtedly, in order to make the magic spell ‘and they lived happily ever after’ you need to be in possession of ‘a manual’.A manual? Which manual? – ‘How do relationships work’!

Holistic transpersonal

Psychology is knowledge about the soul and the human inside. Find out the levels on which you exist!

Holistyczne Studia Transpersonalne

The studies are structured to be a four-semester-long programme of intense education on an academic level that offer a practical base for future work as a coach or a therapist, as well as providing a theoretic foundation of the transpersonal sciences, mostly in the range of psychology and philosophy, but also naturopathy and biology.These two-year-long studies are led by experienced tutors, therapists and coaches who, in their practices, go beyond the boundaries of narrowly-interpreted psyche.

The Transpersonal Studies Certificate confirms a reliable knowledge in thefield of holistic approach to humans and the world, that complies with the most recent findings, research and experiences

The Programme of the studies:

1. Yields generic knowledge in terms of theory and practice of transpersonal psychology

2. Prepares students for the application of principles, theories and practices of transpersonal psychology in professional and personal life.

3. Provides direct transpersonal experiences in order to incarnate acquired knowledge

4. Offers two-year-long period of self-therapy

5. Inspires the exploration of nature, its beauty, wisdom and diversity

6. Promotes deep ecological awareness.

I treat the word ‘psychology’ in its primary significance in order to redeemit and restore its deserved position in language. Psyche means soul and -logia (gr.) means study of/research of.Thus psychology is and ought to be a science of the soul, a knowledge of humans. Whereas, in the Western, academic psychology, what truly happens in the subjective experience of a human has been long abandoned alongside phenomenology of cognition. In my opinion, such an attitude is incorrect and downgrades humans to biological machines.

All are welcome:

Practitioners who work with people,




Social workers,



People of different professions who are willing to undergo their own psychotherapy and to gain a broader perspective are also welcome.

*Students who will accomplish the basic level of training (the two-year-long programme) may apply to participate in a specific (one-year-long) programme which provides education in the domains of transpersonal psychology, transformative life coaching or transpersonal health advisor.


Find out what limits you. Change your habits. Go for your full potential andbecome your own psychotherapist.

Sesja skype

Thanks to the authorial programme by Dr Izabela Kopaniszyn leading to a profound inner transformation, you will be able to observe your problems from the perspective of the one who is creating them.

You will permamently change your destructive habits and thinking patterns. You will see the beauty of the benefits you get once you step onto the path of your own life, of your own dance. When you are in peace with yourself, you are automatically in peace with the surroundings.

Reframing® is enhanced personal work that occurs during a Skype Session or the Restarting®. However, during the period of the Reframing® you will receive much more. Why book the next sessions in search of what you can discover thanks to professionally led personal development? You can learn how to implement methods that will solve your excruciating problems forever. You can become your own psychotherapist and master.

Reframing® in a nutshell:

1. You will receive texts and audio recordings which will facilitate your progress in defying your problems and expectations.

2. You will send the filled questionnaire to us

3. We will arrange a skype session

4. You will receive further materials, tailored to your current situation and you will enter the transformation of your habits and convictions even deeper.

5. We will arrange another session in order to conclude your Reframing process

Effects of the transformation:

You will conduct a profound self-diagnosis

You will observe patterns of your convictions.

Your relationships will undergo a transformation.

You will find out how to alter unfavourable habits.

You will learn how to achieve chosen emotional and mental states.

You will get to know the basics of the functioning of your mind.

You will find out in what way you impede your own growth.

You will gain knowledge about your personality and how to work with it.

Sesje skype

Na indywidualnej sesji Skype możesz przyjrzeć się swoim problemom oraz znaleźć odpowiedzi na ważne pytania z nimi związane, warunkach poufności i zaufania do twojego potencjału.

Sesja skype

Sesja Skype odbywa się w wymiarze godziny. Ze względu na obłożenie pracą dr Izabeli Kopaniszyn zdecydowaliśmy, aby zmienić formułę sesji na taką, która pozwoli jednocześnie dokładnie określić problem oraz również nie utracić na jakości. Od teraz sesje przeprowadzane są przez jedną z wykwalifikowanych i przeszkolonych przez dr Izabelę Kopaniszyn osób, która podczas sesji przeprowadza wywiad ustrukturowany. Następnie na podstawie wszelkich zebranych informacji dr Izabela Kopaniszyn przesyła w formie nagrania głosowego (15-20 min) diagnozę oraz zalecenia po sesji wraz z ćwiczeniami.

Wszystkie sesje są nadzorowane i superwizowane przez dr Izabelę Kopaniszyn. Osoby, które zostały przeszkolone do prowadzenia wywiadów odbyły kilkuletnie studia z zakresu psychologii i/lub psychologii transpersonalnej oraz są dobrze zorientowane w metodach pracy stosowanych w Master Your Life.