The only right is vibration

dr Izabela Kopaniszyn

Our actions belong the progressive current of the Human Potential Movement (HPM). We use verified and resultful methods based on the 15 years experience of working with people and on a specialistic knowledge. We are adherents of systemic solutions and multidisciplinary approach. Unique trainings using our authorial techniques like the Restarting® and the Holographic Mind® allow all desired alterations to take place in a much faster pace and result in permanent effects.

According to dr Izabela Kopaniszyn, the founder of MYL – the fundamental factor that make you stop having problems to solve and to make you choose to dance the dance of your life instead is a discovery that you have right to enjoy yourself and experiment... just in a responsible way.

In other words, we are not here as punishment nor to accomplish a biological necessity. To quote Theilard de Chardin’s famous words: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

dr Izabela Kopaniszyn

dr Izabela Kopaniszyn

The founder and the head of MasterYourLife.

The passionate of boundless consciousness. A psychotherapist, a transpersonal psychologist, a sociologist, a coach of holistic life and health. A psychonaut and a traveller, a writer and a poet. She loves a serene contact with nature and immersion in the everlasting Here and Now. She is an author of the book:

In her doctoral dissertation entitled “A subject and sacrum”, in multiple articles and lectures for many years she has been consistently pointing the necessity of launching a new paradigm into science and life which would bein accordance with actual, limitless possibilities of the filed of consciousnessand not following the restricted vison of materialism. On a daily basis, in her work, she uses the techniques of entering one’s mind in a trans state of consciousness (meditation, dance, etc.)

She is one of the psychotherapists who merge their therapeutic practices with individuals, couples, families and larger groups. The currents of antipsychiatry (Foucault, Sas, Laing, Rogers)and the ones stating that our inner selves cannot be separated from the rest of the world, as the world is always a reflection of the inner self (Jung, Mindell, Samuels or the philosophies of the East) are close to her.​

She is also an author of The Restarting®- a therapy of rapid changes in undisturbed states of consciousness. She regularly leads the workshops of Systemic Mandalas which can be referred to as her authorial continuation of Bert Hellinger’s achievements. She also uses the regressive techinques, mostly based on the method of Perinatal Matrices by prof. Stanislav Grof. For a dozen of years she was practicing Buddhist mediations. For several years, inspired by the Egyptian tantra, the Sacred Geometry and the field of Mer-Ka-Ba, she has been intensely exploring the secrets of working with energy using these methods. She gives lectures and lead systemic mandalas across Poland and Europe. She used to co-run the therapeutic theatre of Thanateros,based on indigenous shamanic rituals.

Nowadays, we lives and works at Silver Coast, Portugal. She is a happy mum of two wonderful daughters and two amazing sons, and a happy wife of Luki who doesn’t cease to surpirise her positively.

Her passions and interests: writing, theories regarding the field of consciousness, neuroscience, philosophy, lucid dreaming, helathy lifestyle, meditation, yoga, naturopathy, dance, sailing, strolls, forest, ocean and mounains.

On her YouTube channel she releases tutorials concerning meditation, consciousness, development and therapeutic practices.

Easy’s therapeutic competences include first of all:
- systemic constellations using authorial method based on the legacy of Bert Hellinger
- trans ... (including psycholitic therapy and Restarting)
- crises, perinatal matrices and COEX patters (by Stanislav Grof)
- instruction to meditations, relaxation and self-healing

Her professional therapeutic experience includes also:
- addictions
- clinical diagnosis, especially with particular relation to schizophrenia
- couple therapy
- working with dreams (interpretation and lucid dreaming)

She created authorial relaxation trainings which allowed her to coachthousands of people in basics of meditation .

Ida Leśniowska

Ida Leśniowska

Manager at MYL

Organizer of events and a graduate of the Interior Design School in Warsaw. She is passionate of beauty and harmony in life. Privately, a mother of Laura and a daughter of Izabela. At MYL she is the first one to assist clients. Her main assets are creativity, discretion, support, creating cosy and inclusive atmosphere, directness.

Ida loves: development challenges, working with people, creating beauty and contact with nature.

Halinka Kopaniszyn

Halinka Kopaniszyn

ur. 12.06.1946, zm. 10.06.2010, mama Izabeli i Michała, Mistrzyni Huny, uczennica Serge Kahili Kinga. Z wykształcenia ekonomista. Wiele lat zajmowała się terapią Ma-uri (Lomi), którą z Nowej Zelandii do Danii przywiózł w połowie XX w. Hemi Fox.
Uczyła masażu i tańców hawajskich. Z oddaniem koiła dolegliwości fizyczne i psychiczne innych oraz zarażała energią śmiechu i lekkości. Nauczała jak angażując się całym sercem w wykonywaną praktykę, nie roztrwaniać cennej energii. Pokazywała, że można śmiać się w obliczu największych zagrożeń i przekroczyła lęk przed śmiercią ciała, rozpoznając iluzoryczność formy.
Odeszła między czwartą a piątą rano 10-go czerwca, po intensywnym procesie, związanym z glejakiem mózgu. Pogrzeb prochów Halinki odbył się w pięknym, słonecznym dniu jej urodzin, w miejscu jej urodzenia. Prochy zostały faktycznie rozsypane na szczycie góry, w Beskidach, w bliskiej jej sercu Kamesznicy oraz do oceanu w Portugalii. ​Halinki przekaz i dziedzictwo są nieustającą inspiracją i prowadzeniem, którymi kieruje się w swojej pracy Izabela.